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A test drive of onOne’s Perfect Mask 5.2

I have never used photoshop (and never will for various reasons) but have always been envious of its abilities to mask and do composites. I recently acquired onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 7 in the hopes of being able to do the masks without spending all of my time at the computer to get the results that I want.

While there are several different modules within Perfect Photo Suite 7, this article is going to focus on my first impressions of Perfect Mask 5.2.

While my overall experience with the previous product offering, Perfect Suite 6 was generally a positive one, I never could get Perfect Mask 4 to work for me.  It crashed often and was very difficult to get the results equivalent to those  the online tutorials implied as possible.  With the introduction of the latest version of Perfect Mask 5.2, I thought I would give the product another try.  In a nutshell, I am very impressed.

Here is the result of my second experiment with the product. I managed to smooth the skin (using Perfect Portrait 2), mask the lovely lady and place her onto a different background in under 15 minutes total (could probably be faster once I get more familiar with the product and workflow). The whole process was simple and intuitive (unlike the various PS directions I read in places that sound like a NASA pre-flight check list) I guess I have found the right product for me since I get bored spending too much time editing. What really impressed me was how easily it preserved the little wispy hairs behind her neck and the subtle area around the lace on her negligé.

The product impresses me very much.  It is more stable to use than its earlier version and the tools are much more intuitive in how they have been implemented.

I can see myself using this product a lot more in the future.  Well done, onOne.  I think you have a winner here.

Example results of using Perfect Mask 5.2


Oh, and by way of disclosure, I am an affiliate marketer of onOne products, but will only endorse products in my blog that I have used and trust.


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